It all started with the desire to create a software and hardware complex for diagnosing automotive control systems using a PC. The priorities were - the available element base and physical support for existing and future diagnostic interfaces in the adapter, in order to then expand the capabilities of the kit by modifying the software without replacing the adapter itself. In 2005, the first product kits gave our customers the opportunity to get a budget tool for obtaining diagnostic information from the power plants of modern foreign cars, using the capabilities of the OBD2 standard. This was done for the first time among domestic manufacturers of auto scanners. Then other software modules began to develop - for VAZ, GAZ, Oka, Daewoo, Chevrolet .. As new models and systems appeared on domestic cars and low-cost foreign cars, the chosen development model allowed our customers to receive updates absolutely free of charge for 7 years. We were also the first to offer an affordable solution for diagnosing GAZ vehicles with a Chrysler engine. The required SAE J1850 interface was already physically present in the SM-1 adapter, we just had to create and debug the corresponding software. Based on the results of the tests at GAZ, a conclusion was prepared for the dealer network of the car plant about the possibility of using our kit for diagnostics of cars with Chrysler engines and Motorola NGC ECUs. The reasons for the popularity of the first generation Scanmatik kit are: acceptable cost (more precisely, quick payback), low PC requirements, high operating speed even on "ancient" computers, convenient and intuitive interface, covering the basic needs of a diagnostic post of a mass car service. We understood the objective needs of our potential customers and we were guided by them. In the same years, we developed OBD2 Autoscanner - an autonomous portable scanner that works according to standard OBD2 protocols. The most simple to use, with two-button control and two-line screen. The Russian language and support for standard protocols have expanded the field of potential customers - from car owners to installers of gas equipment or anti-theft systems. Despite the presence of cheaper Chinese products on the market and technical restrictions for working with "fresh" cars, OBD2 autoscanner still finds its Buyers. The needs of our clients have changed and we have tried to meet them. The old adapter could no longer work with new types of systems with complex protocols - Cummins and others. Therefore, based on previous experience and a new element base, the SM2 adapter was developed in 2011. High-speed interfaces - USB and wireless Bluetooth are already used for communication with a PC. An electronic multiplexer is used for automatic line switching. Programs have been developed not only for Windows, but also for the popular Android OS. This means that you can even connect to cars from your smartphone! It is very convenient! Moreover, the capabilities of programs for different OS are the same. There are new software modules for both passenger cars - Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai, Chery, Great Wall, Geely, Hafei, Lifan .., and trucks - GAZ, MAZ, KamAZ .. cars. Further development of Scanmatik 2 is planned in the following areas: an increase in the available brands, vehicles, systems and operating modes, providing the ability to use it as a standard interface (standards J2534 and RP1210) with third-party software - bootloaders and dealer diagnostic programs for selected car brands. The Scanmatik trademark is registered in many countries and is the property of Scanmatik LLC. She is famous and popular not only in Russia. We respect the opinions of our customers and are grateful for the advice and comments on the operation of our equipment, because only in real work the principle of "practice - the criterion of truth" works.